DUI Case, Highly Recommended
    I was referred to Michael Hernandez by a lawyer I had used in another county.  Michael came highly recommended and after working with him on a few issues I can understand why.  Michael represented me on a DUI case where he negotiated my BAC from a .24 to a .15, reduced my financial obligations and kept me from doing jail time. I didn’t have to miss time from work to show up in court since he was there on my behalf. The results were fantastic but what really impressed me about Michael was his professionalism. He was able to answer all of my questions, explain the potential outcomes I was facing, devise a defense strategy and explain the next steps in the judicial process. He put me in a better place mentally and emotionally during a stressful time.  Michael always is available to answer any follow up questions I might have or to point me in the right direction when other legal matters come up. I know I was receiving the best advice with Michael, and I recommend him to others.
C.T., San Diego
Three Felony Charges To One Misdemeanor
    Michael was our criminal defense attorney in December 2012. Michael had a creative idea to eliminate some of my husband's felony charges and it worked!! My husband was initially charged with 3 felonies, but thanks to Michael's strategy my husband was only convicted of one misdemeanor at the end. Michael truly has his clients' best interests at heart. He consulted with an immigration attorney to make sure that my husband's charges would not hinder his pending immigration case. Michael also is very professional, and returns calls and emails in a very timely manner. My favorite, he mails you letters after any court proceedings to sum up what happened in court and let you know what the next step will be. If needed, I would without question hire Michael again.
R.Z., Newport Beach
Competent, Kind & Compassionate Defense Attorney
    Michael Hernandez is a most competent, kind, and compassionate defense attorney and counselor for the accused. I feel he had my best interests always in mind, and thoroughly explained all aspects of my case as we went through the legal process. I would certainly recommend him to my friends and colleagues.
M.R., San Diego
Integrity, Compassion & Dedication.
    Integrity, compassion and dedication. Those are the words I use to describe the level of care I received on my criminal case from Mr. Hernandez. He was very understanding of all of my concerns and was able to clearly demonstrate to me what to expect from him in regards to the best outcome of my case. I know Mr. Hernandez worked tirelessly with the City Attorney to reach the outcome I received because Mr. Hernandez was in constant contact with me every step of the way; he even called me from court to discuss my options as he was being summoned by court officials.  Mr. Hernandez has been in touch with me regularly, just to see how I'm doing. He is an exceptional person, an amazing advocate and I would highly recommend his services to anyone who thinks they require an attorney.
D.O., San Diego
Discounted bail & out of Jail. Cleared Record!
    I was a college student when I got arrested on drug charges. Michael Hernandez helped get me out of jail, got me a discount on my bail, and got me into an out-patient treatment program. Michael helped me avoid a conviction, which helped me keep my federal financial aid. Today I have a bachelor's degree and no criminal record.
M.H., San Diego
Another Attorney Said Guilty, Michael Got The Case Dismissed!
    My dad originally hired a different lawyer to help him on a big criminal case, and the lawyer told him that nothing could be done and that he would need to plead guilty. That really scared my dad and we then went to meet with Michael. We met with Michael and we liked that he cared about the case. Michael worked on the case for many months, but he got the case dismissed!
O.J., National City
Confidential Defense Lawyer
    I made a mistake one night, acted in a way that was uncharacteristic for me, and I got arrested. I was seriously embarrassed, not to mention a bit scared. I called my friend Michael Hernandez, and he really helped to put me at ease when he took a lot of time to explain to me what to expect in my case. He assured me that everything we talked about would be private and confidential, which was great because we have a lot of friends in common. The outcome of the case was great, and Mike proved he’s a master at keeping secrets.
P.T., San Diego
Terminated Probation Early, Conviction Expunged
    I recently called Michael Hernandez to help me clean up my criminal record. I was applying for new jobs and I didn't want to explain why I was on probation. Michael Hernandez was great! He was able to get my probation terminated early, and he was able to get my conviction expunged. I got the job I wanted and I'm glad my case is behind me.
H.M., Los Angeles
A Responsive Attorney! Easy To Communicate With.
    My attorney was not responsive and had to be prodded to answer emails and phone calls. I was immediately envious of my friend who retained Michael Hernandez. Whenever my friend called Michael he was there, if he did not answer the phone, he called back within the next couple of hours. In fact, I made the change and retained Michael Hernandez - and the change was night and day from the previous attorney. He was there informing me of the latest developments, and responding to my calls.
R.G., San Diego
Facing Difficulties? I Strongly Recommend Michael
    I recently had a very serious issue with the law, and had the luck to find Michael Hernandez. I have never had any previous experience with the legal system, and his guidance, understanding, and thoughtfulness were invaluable.  He not only answered ALL my legal questions but, more importantly, was also available to speak about the issues involved in the case. I strongly recommend anyone who faces difficulties with the law to have Michael Hernandez on your side!
E.S., San Francisco
I cannot recommend Michael's services enough.
    I cannot recommend Michael's services enough. he made a world of difference with my case. I have never been arrested before or had any run ins with the law, so naturally i was scared and had a lot of anxiety dealing with the legal proceedings to come. Michael made me feel completely at ease and put my fears to rest. He kept me in the loop of everything happening and in the end helped me resolve my issues. I will always recommend Mr. Hernandez to anyone needing legal help, he is definitely my lawyer for life.

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