Fearing that he was going to drive off without paying his fare, a taxi driver called the police on my client and reported that my client had not paid his fare, was in his car about to leave a parking lot, and was grossly intoxicated.  Police arrived and found my client in the driver’s seat of his car with the engine running.

Though my client had not driven onto a public street, he had moved his car from its original parking space into the lanes of traffic within the parking lot.  My client failed the field sobriety tests (FSTs) and a subsequent blood test revealed a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.27 — more than 3 times the legal limit.

After months of negotiation with the City Attorney, we were able to resolve the case for a wet reckless (Vehicle Code 23103 per 23103.5), with no probation imposed and credit for time served (the one night he spent in custody awaiting bail).

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