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My loved one got arrested. Should I bail him out?
AIt really depends on a number of factors. If your friend or loved one is not working and if the charges are very serious (and the bail very high), it might make more sense to let him stay in custody until his defense attorney has had an opportunity to seek a reduction in bail. However, if the charges are relatively minor (and the bail is low), and if it is important that your friend or loved one get out of custody immediately, then do not hesitate to call a bail bondsman.

Remember, if the choice is either to post bail or hire a defense attorney, you should always choose to hire the defense attorney. Without proper legal representation, release on bail can be a very temporary freedom.

Do I need a lawyer?
AIf you are under investigation for a crime, if you are a suspect in a crime, or if you have been arrested and charged with a crime, you absolutely need a lawyer. If you can afford to hire an attorney, hire one; if you can’t afford to hire a lawyer, let the court appoint one. Either way, with a proper defense attorney on your side you can be assured your rights will be protected and you put yourself in the best position to achieve a positive outcome in your case.
I just got arrested and I just bailed out. Is there anything I should do before my court hearing?
AYes, and the good news is you’ve already started. You should research some local defense attorneys and then set up a few consultations (most attorneys offer free initial consultations). Once you’ve had the opportunity to meet with a few attorneys, decide which one you would like to hire. A lot can be done before charges are filed in court, and occasionally a lawyer can convince the prosecutor to not file charges, but you need to get the attorney working on your case quickly.
What can I expect from the consultation, and are there any questions I should ask the attorney?
AEven before you go to the consultation it is important for you to know that everything you say and share with the attorney is confidential – he will never reveal that information to anyone else, even if you don’t hire the attorney.

The consultation is really just an opportunity for you and the attorney to have a conversation about the case, and it is meant for you to get answers to your questions, to discuss your options, and to evaluate the attorney.

The attorney shouldn’t try to scare you into feeling you need to hire him immediately; if you feel pressured to sign a contract or pay money, you’re meeting with the wrong attorney.

There are a few key questions you should ask the attorney – Will you be the attorney handling the case? Do you have experience with these types of cases? Are you in good standing with the State Bar of California? – but more importantly, there are a few questions you should ask yourself: Do I trust this lawyer? Do I believe that he will protect me in this case? Do I feel comfortable having this lawyer represent me in court?