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Under California law, many types of aggressive behavior against a current or former spouse, roommate, boyfriend or girlfriend (hitting, pushing, kicking, and choking, to name just a few) can constitute domestic violence. Don’t wait! Avoid a domestic charge or worse by contacting a domestic abuse defense attorney now!

An accusation or allegation of domestic violence is serious; typical bail for a first offense is approximately $15,000.00. The penalties range from probation up to 4 years of jail time, and fines of more than $1,000.00, as well as lengthy and expensive counseling sessions. But the real sting from a domestic violence case often occurs outside of the courtroom; a conviction for domestic violence can serve as the basis for a temporary or permanent restraining order, can result in a lifetime ban from owning a firearm, and can lead to immigration problems including deportation from the United States.

If you, a friend, or a family member have been charged with domestic violence, you need to consult with a criminal defense attorney. A reputable defense lawyer can work with you to protect your rights and help you establish the best possible defense for your case.