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Individuals charged with sale of illegal drugs or controlled substances face much harsher penalties than individuals charged with simple possession. In order to convict someone on the premise of drug sales or trafficking with the intent to sell, prosecutors must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the individual sold or delivered an illegal drug or controlled substance in exchange for money, the promise of money or something of similar value.

Drug sales and trafficking violations usually occur when an undercover law enforcement officer poses as a customer in search of illegal drugs or other controlled substances. The sale and distribution of drugs is most often charged as a felony, but the seriousness of the offense may depend on various factors including the type of drug exchanged as well as the amount and quality of the drug. The location of drug trade may also affect the overall charge and penalty as selling drugs near churches and schools carries heavier penalties in many states.

If you or someone you know has been arrested for or accused of selling drugs or a controlled substance it is imperative that you consult and enlist the services of an experienced and aggressive defense attorney. I will examine your case, investigate the proceedings leading to your arrest and work with prosecutors to achieve the most favorable outcome on your behalf. In many cases, entrapment or other unlawful circumstances have led to the arrest of alleged offenders accused of selling drugs and other controlled substances.