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Solicitation of prostitution is to urge, induce or entice someone to engage in unlawful acts of prostitution with the specific intent of engaging in such acts, coupled with an act that further encourages the act of prostitution (i.e. arriving at the location where an intended act of prostitution is to occur; withdrawing money from a bank or ATM with the intent of paying a prostitute; allowing a prostitute to enter the car to be driven to a place where the act of prostitution will occur; giving the prostitute the money with the intent of engaging in the act of prostitution.)

Arrests for prostitution, solicitation and loitering have increased substantially in recent years due to additional attention from law enforcement agencies across the country. Because prostitution rings may span across various states, specific task forces have been put into place to prevent prostitution and arrest those who participate. The following are common ways that law enforcement will arrest and prosecute alleged offenders:

Sting Operations: Dressed in provocative clothing and posing as prostitutes, undercover female officers lure would be customers off the street and into the bedroom only to find themselves arrested for prostitution.

Ring Breakups: A reverse tactic from sting ops, male undercover police pose as customers in search of sex for hire.

Online Sex: The internet offers a wide range of websites that offer companionship merely to provide a cover up for prostitution. Law enforcement will pose as potential customers in search of sex in exchange of money or other compensation and then distinguish between lawful and unlawful sites prior to making arrests.

Unfortunately, these “covert” operations are famous for trapping innocent people with no criminal history who simply got mixed up in an unfortunate situation. A conviction of prostitution or solicitation will likely cause lasting detriment to your career, your livelihood and your reputation. The penalties for such convictions include but are not limited to: jail or prison sentences, suspension of driving privileges, impoundment of vehicle, probation, fines, mandatory AIDS testing, physical labor, counseling and the loss of employment if licenses or clearances are required. If you or someone you know has been arrested for or accused of prostitution it is imperative that you consult and enlist the services of an experienced defense attorney.

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