Client’s son, a juvenile who had been through the juvenile justice system for several serious offenses, was on probation and living at home.

Eight officers arrived at my client’s home in the early morning hours and demanded entry for a probation search.  My client recognized this as odd because his son’s probation officer was not with the other agents.  In addition, client’s son was not at home at the time.

My client, his wife, and teenage daughter were handcuffed in their underwear and pajamas while the officers conducted their search.

For simply demanding to know why the officers were at his home, my client was arrested and charged with threatening a police officer and resisting arrest.

Though he had an old criminal record, we were able to present the District Attorney with documentation of my client’s good character, peaceful nature, and outstanding community service.  Ultimately, we were able to convince the District Attorney to dismiss the case.

The results obtained in the cases above were dependent on the facts of each case.  Outcomes can vary based on the particular facts of a case.

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