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Trials & Appeals

Whether your defense case is a felony, misdemeanor crime, or an appeal, understanding the criminal appeals case process is important.

Juvenile Crime Cases

All children deserve our protection, especially those accused of a crime. You need a top criminal defense attorney – call us today for free case consultation.

Warrants, Bail, Expungements & Probation

Outstanding warrant? Posting bail? On probation? Seeking an expungement of a felony or misdemeanor?

Your criminal defense lawyer; I’m here for you, and I’ll be there with you.

As an experienced San Diego criminal defense attorney, I make sure every client leaves my office knowing I’m here for them, and there to defend them. My clients often come to me at their lowest, and then trust me to advise them on decisions concerning their future and freedom. For this reason it is important for my clients to know that when they hire me, they get me. Day or night, weekends and holidays, I make myself available – not just to answer questions, but to alleviate the stress and anxiety that come with facing criminal charges. The practice of law is not about cases – it’s about people.

Defense Attorney, Michael A. Hernandez

  • Facing Difficulties? I Strongly Recommend Michael
        I recently had a very serious issue with the law, and had the luck to find Michael Hernandez. I have never had any previous experience with the legal system, and his guidance, understanding, and thoughtfulness were invaluable. He not only answered ALL my legal questions but, more importantly, was also available to speak about the issues involved in the case. I strongly recommend anyone who faces difficulties with the law to have Michael Hernandez on your side!
    E.S., San Francisco
  • A Responsive Attorney! Easy To Communicate With.
        My attorney was not responsive and had to be prodded to answer emails and phone calls. I was immediately envious of my friend who retained Michael Hernandez. Whenever my friend called Michael he was there, if he did not answer the phone, he called back within the next couple of hours. In fact, I made the change and retained Michael Hernandez - and the change was night and day from the previous attorney. He was there informing me of the latest developments, and responding to my calls.
    R.G., San Diego
  • Terminated Probation Early, Conviction Expunged
        I recently called Michael Hernandez to help me clean up my criminal record. I was applying for new jobs and I didn't want to explain why I was on probation. Michael Hernandez was great! He was able to get my probation terminated early, and he was able to get my conviction expunged. I got the job I wanted and I'm glad my case is behind me.
    H.M., Los Angeles
  • Another Attorney Said Guilty, Michael Got The Case Dismissed!
        My dad originally hired a different lawyer to help him on a big criminal case, and the lawyer told him that nothing could be done and that he would need to plead guilty. That really scared my dad and we then went to meet with Michael. We met with Michael and we liked that he cared about the case. Michael worked on the case for many months, but he got the case dismissed!
    O.J., National City
  • Competent, Kind & Compassionate Defense Attorney
        Michael Hernandez is a most competent, kind, and compassionate defense attorney and counselor for the accused. I feel he had my best interests always in mind, and thoroughly explained all aspects of my case as we went through the legal process. I would certainly recommend him to my friends and colleagues.
    M.R., San Diego
  • Three Felony Charges To One Misdemeanor
        Michael was our criminal defense attorney in December 2012. Michael had a creative idea to eliminate some of my husband's felony charges and it worked!! My husband was initially charged with 3 felonies, but thanks to Michael's strategy my husband was only convicted of one misdemeanor at the end. Michael truly has his clients' best interests at heart. He consulted with an immigration attorney to make sure that my husband's charges would not hinder his pending immigration case. Michael also is very professional, and returns calls and emails in a very timely manner. My favorite, he mails you letters after any court proceedings to sum up what happened in court and let you know what the next step will be. If needed, I would without question hire Michael again.
    R.Z., Newport Beach

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